LandRocker is a unique Play-to-Earn game about battle, discovery and space exploration. As a player, you'll go on a thrilling journey through intergalactic space, liberate planets from alien control & launch exhilarating mining missions to collect rare and valuable rewards such as NFTs, crypto tokens, and crafting materials. With your earnings, you can craft your own NFTs and trade them on the marketplace.

With approximately 79 quintillion planets—far exceeding the number of stars in the Milky Way and even No Man’s Sky—the game's scope is virtually limitless. Inspired by games like HELLDIVERS, LandRocker features a dynamic meta-narrative that evolves seasonally, directly influenced by player actions.

The strength of your equipment and the amount of fuel you have are key to unlocking further reaches of space. Travel deeper into uncharted territories that brim with priceless treasures and rare materials. Owning planets allows you to earn passive income whenever others explore your territories, adding a strategic layer to your space missions in this continuously engaging and evolving game universe.

LandRocker revolutionizes the Play-to-Earn sector by tackling inflation and trust issues. Our innovative approach blends Play-to-Earn with Play-to-Win, creating a stable gaming economy and consistent player earnings. Leveraging blockchain, we ensure transparent yet concealed rewards, offering every player fair chances.

As the only Play-to-Earn platform built around blockchain for reward distribution, LandRocker uses Smart Contracts to obscure rewards, keeping their locations secret even from developers. This ensures utmost fairness and transparency, eliminating any doubts about reward distribution integrity.

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