LandRocker provides multiple staking pools that offer various rewards and opportunities for token holders. Users can stake their LRT tokens in the following pools:

1. Stake LRT for Fuel:

By staking their LRT tokens in the Fuel Reward Pool, users can earn additional fuel, a vital resource for powering their rovers and embarking on mining missions. The more LRT tokens staked, the higher the fuel rewards users can receive. This incentivizes token holders to contribute to the ecosystem while providing them with the means to explore and discover valuable resources within the game.

2. Stake LRT for Rover:

Staking LRT tokens in the Rover Reward Pool allows users to earn exclusive rewards in the form of high-performance rovers. These rovers grant users enhanced mining capabilities, enabling them to extract resources more efficiently and increase their overall earnings. The longer users stake their tokens, the better the chance of receiving rare and powerful rovers, adding a strategic element to the staking process.

3. Stake LRT in Liquidity Pool:

The Liquidity Pool is designed to incentivize users to provide liquidity for the LRT token. By staking their LRT tokens in this pool, users contribute to the stability and liquidity of the token on exchanges. In return, they receive rewards in the form of additional LRT tokens or a share of the trading fees generated within the pool. This pool benefits both token holders and the broader LandRocker community by fostering a robust and liquid trading environment.

4. NFT Staking for Revenue Share:

In addition to the traditional staking pools, LandRocker introduces a unique staking mechanism known as "NFT staking for revenue share." Players have the opportunity to offer their own crafted planets for others to mine. By staking their NFT planets, players can earn a share of the profits generated from the fuel prices other players pay to mine their planets. This feature allows players to monetize their NFT assets and participate in the revenue-sharing aspect of the game, creating a dynamic and interactive economy within the LandRocker ecosystem.

By offering a range of staking options, LandRocker encourages token holders to actively engage with the platform, contributing to its growth and success. Stakers are rewarded with various in-game resources, exclusive rovers, and opportunities to earn passive income, enhancing the overall gameplay experience and incentivizing long-term participation.

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