LandRocker is developed by a talented team of blockchain and gaming experts, led by CEO Hamid Fathalian. The team has a proven track record of delivering successful gaming & IT projects, and is dedicated to creating the best possible gaming experience for LandRocker players. Learn more about the company behind LandRocker at

LandRocker has 32 dedicated team members. Head office is in Dubai, UAE.

  • Hamid Fathalian- Founder & CEO

  • Behnaz Memarzadeh- CHRO

  • Erik Tolstoy- CBDO

  • Maral Fathalian- CMO

  • Alee Tavanaee- CTO

  • Samira Sahraei- COO

  • Mohammad Rashid- CPO

  • Echen Deligani- Art Director

  • Ebrahim Karimi- Lead Engineer

  • Moones Khadem- Head of Graphics

  • Foad Ghomshei- Music Director/Composer

  • Homa Hassani- Executive Director

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