Game Economy

The LandRocker game economy is designed around the idea that players use LRT to purchase Fuel which allows them to send their Rover to Planets of their choice and mine them for hidden rewards in the form of Materials (Play to Earn) or Tokens (Play to Win). Before planets are safe for mining missions, they should be cleared of most alien enemies first through Play to Liberate missions.

Key Components:

  • LRT

  • Fuel

  • Materials

  • Rovers

  • Weapons & Gear

  • Planets

Play to Liberate

  • Battle aliens for control of planets

  • Capture strategic Nexuses to make planets safe for mining

  • Level up your Weapons & Gear

  • Compete for Leaderboard $LRT rewards

Before a planet can be mined, it should first be liberated from occupying alien forces. Players battle for control of strategic Nexuses along a planet's surface. Once enough Nexuses have been captured and the number of alien enemies has been reduced, players can start to mine these planets through Play to Earn mission.

Play to Earn

  • Mine for Materials

  • Either sell Materials for profit or use them to Craft NFTs

  • Craft Rovers to boost mining efficiency

  • Craft Planets to stake them for Fuel revenue share

When a player mines in Play to Earn universes, they are rewarded in the form of Materials which can be used for crafting. Players have the option to sell these Materials directly to other players on the peer-to-peer marketplace to take their profits, or they can boost their profits by using these Materials to craft new NFT items like Rovers or Planets which can be sold on the marketplace for a higher value than the raw Materials.

Rovers increase mining efficiency and allow users to get more returns out of their time playing LandRocker.

Planets can be staked by the owner into the Play to Win universes, where other players can explore and mine these Planets. The owner is rewarded with a share of the Fuel revenue generated each time another player mines their staked planet. Collecting enough Materials to craft a Planet gives a player the highest returns – LandRocker guarantees that after 10,000 players have mined a staked Planet, the owner will receive 2X their investment through revenue sharing of Fuel other players spend to mine it.

Play to Win

  • Mine for huge token rewards

  • Mine a fixed percentage of a Planet

  • Sell token rewards for profit

  • Stake your own Planet to earn Fuel revenue share

In this mode, instead of mining for Materials, players mine for huge token rewards hidden within a Planet. After paying the Fuel cost to travel there, the player gets to mine a fixed percentage of the total blocks within the planet in search of the big prizes hidden using blockchain technology. Any tokens earned in this mode can be directly sold for profit, or reinvested into Fuel and other assets to improve their future earnings.

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