Elevating Play to Earn with Engaging Gameplay Modes

LandRocker offers a range of exciting game modes that appeal to both play-to-earn enthusiasts and traditional gamers. As you enter our 3D world, you can explore various thrilling experiences designed for different play-styles, each showcasing LandRocker’s commitment to dynamic and engaging gameplay.

  • Play-to-Liberate: Dive into intense battles to free planets from alien control. Successfully liberating planets sets them up for mining and unlocks new gameplay options. All players start with free basic weapons and gear.

  • Play-to-Earn: Once a planet is liberated, players can mine it using Rovers to gather materials and blueprints essential for crafting new gear and upgrading equipment.

  • Play-to-Win: On specific planets, players can undertake risky missions to unearth and win cryptocurrency rewards, adding a competitive edge to the gameplay.

The essence of LandRocker revolves around thrilling missions, including solo encounters in hazardous environments and exciting rover battles between players. With each mode carefully designed to thrill and entertain, LandRocker provides an unmatched gaming experience that satisfies the craving for excitement and innovation in the play-to-earn community.


  • Downloadable platform.

  • Thrilling 3D gameplay: Unleash your mining skills and experience the rush of this gamified adventure while fighting off attackers

  • Exciting game modes: Choose from a selection of game modes that suit your gaming style including multiplayer and co-op missions.

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