Play-to-Win & Play-to-Earn Universes

All Planets are integral parts of their respective universes, and each universe's rewards are validated through different blockchains. Every Planet is generated using AI, ensuring that their appearance – encompassing shape, color, and texture – varies each time, adding an element of discovery to every mining mission.

When a player owns a Planet, other players can mine it in search of rewards. The best part is that the owner earns a share of the profits generated from the fuel expenditure of fellow players who embark on mining missions on their owned Planets.

There are 2 categories of Universes: Play-to-Win and Play-to-Earn.

Play-to-Win Universes

In these universes, players engage in mining by excavating a specified number of blocks. Planets in Play-to-Win universes contain valuable crypto tokens.

Play-to-Earn Universes

Within these universes, players can mine their target Planet for a specific time duration. Planets in Play-to-Earn Universes contain Materials and Blueprints, enabling them to enhance their gameplay through crafting.

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