NFT Overview

NFTs are digital assets minted on the blockchain network. Utilizing blockchain technology ensures guaranteed and transparent ownership of assets for everyone, providing players with true ownership over their digital assets. There are three types of NFTs in the LandRocker ecosystem, all minted on the Polygon network using the ERC-1155 protocol.


  • Specifically designed for interplanetary travel and mining missions.
  • Each rover possesses distinct attributes such as power, speed, capacity, and mining efficiency.
  • Stronger rovers enable players to achieve higher rewards.
  • Crafting new rovers is possible using materials discovered on various planets.


  • Each planet within the P2W universe is minted on the blockchain, guaranteeing ownership to the crafting user.
  • Users can trade planets within the marketplace and stake their planet NFT, allowing other players access for mining and earning a portion of the generated revenue.


  • Function as the guiding maps for crafting planets or rovers.
  • Ownership of the appropriate blueprint is a prerequisite for crafting and minting a new NFT.
  • Blueprints contain detailed recipes specifying the necessary quantities of materials required for crafting an NFT.
  • Once a blueprint is used to craft a rover or planet, it is burnt in the process, ensuring uniqueness and scarcity of crafted items.
All NFTs can be traded peer-to-peer on the NFT Marketplace.
Last modified 2mo ago