NFT Overview

NFTs are digital assets minted on the blockchain network. Utilizing blockchain technology ensures guaranteed and transparent ownership of assets for everyone, providing players with true ownership over their digital assets. At the heart of the LandRocker ecosystem are four types of NFTs. LandRocker harnesses the advantages of both ERC-1155 and ERC-721 protocols in minting its NFTs on the Polygon network. This approach offers flexibility and versatility in the creation and management of digital assets, providing users with a diverse range of experiences and opportunities within the LandRocker universe.

Additionally, LandRocker implements a 2% royalty fee for each transaction involving NFTs within its ecosystem. This fee is automatically allocated to the original creator of the NFT, ensuring that creators receive ongoing compensation for their contributions to the LandRocker universe.


  • Specifically designed for interplanetary travel and mining missions.

  • Each rover possesses distinct attributes such as power, speed, capacity, and mining efficiency.

  • Stronger rovers enable players to achieve higher rewards.

  • Crafting new rovers is possible using materials discovered on various planets.

Weapons & Gear

  • Increase your chances of survival during battle-focused Liberation missions.

  • Unlock unique skills & abilities to use while fighting alien opponents.

  • More powerful weapons & gear let you take on harder Liberation missions for larger rewards.

  • Craft new NFT items using materials found during mining missions.


  • Each planet within the P2W universe is minted on the blockchain, guaranteeing ownership to the crafting user.

  • Users can trade planets within the marketplace and stake their planet NFT, allowing other players access for mining and earning a portion of the generated revenue.


  • Specially designed Skins that players can use on their Rovers to give them a unique look.

  • These Skins allow players to customize their rovers, adding a personal touch to their gameplay experience.

  • Skins can be obtained through various means such as in-game achievements, events, or marketplace purchases.

All NFTs can be traded peer-to-peer on the NFT Marketplace.

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