Materials, Blueprints & Crafting

Materials are the building blocks of NFT assets.

Materials are elements from the periodic table, such as Magnesium (Mg), Titanium (Ti), Sodium (Na), and Carbon (C). These valuable resources, available on the marketplace and obtained as rewards within Planets, come in different rarities, including common, rare, epic, legendary, and mythic.

Blueprints serve as recipes for crafting different NFTs. These instructive guides can be discovered as rewards within Planets and will also be accessible on the marketplace in the future.

Materials and Blueprints combine to form crafted NFTs.

Players can craft:

  • Rovers: Designed to improve mining efficiency across all universes, allowing players to explore and gather resources more quickly.

  • Planets: Crafting these crypto-rich Planets enables creators to earn a portion of profits from other players' fuel expenditures on their Planets.

It's important to note that a crafting fee applies. Once crafted, these assets can be traded among players within the marketplace, adding dynamism to the in-game trading environment.

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