Additional Features For Future Updates

Additional features for future updates include:
  • Other game modes: LandRocker will expand beyond 3D mining to include other game modes such as player versus player battles or cooperative missions.
  • More planets: To keep the gameplay fresh and engaging, LandRocker will regularly add new planets for players to explore and mine.
  • Seasonal events: To create hype and excitement and give players new opportunities to win prizes, LandRocker will host seasonal events as well as random events throughout seasons.
  • Additional universes: LandRocker will add new universes with unique characteristics, prizes, and challenges.
  • New and limited rovers: To keep players engaged and excited, LandRocker will offer new and limited edition rovers that are only available for a limited time or through special events.
  • More obstacles: To add more challenge and variety to the gameplay, LandRocker will add new obstacles such as meteor storms, space debris, and hostile alien life forms.
  • Factions: To add more depth and social interaction to the game, LandRocker will introduce factions that players can join, each with their own unique benefits and challenges.
  • Launch of the LandRocker mobile app, allowing players to access the game on their smartphones and tablets.
  • Implementation of a rental system for rovers, allowing players to earn passive income by renting out their high-end rovers to other players.
Last modified 4mo ago